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Aerospace Technology offers an introduction to flight, space, and supporting technologies through a hands-on approach. Students explore the aviation and space industries through the history of aviation, working with aerodynamics and aircraft components, aircraft design, addressing maintenance and safety issues, assessing flight conditions, examining airport and flight operations,  airport infrastructure, and analyzing the concepts of rocketry and space.

Students will explore small unmanned aircraft systems, regulations, operations,procedures and will examine how unmanned aircraft systems fit into the national airspace system.  

Occupations: Career options may include: Aerospace Engineer, Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Flight Instructor, Ramp service agent, Commercial UAS operator, Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Typical Salary in Virginia: $25,000 - $166,000  depending on education level and specialization.

Employment Outlook: Overall employment of airline and commercial pilots is projected to grow to replace aging pilots who leave the workforce as they reach the required retirement age of 65.  

UAS operator demand is also projected to grow as certificated remote pilots are needed to fill jobs in industries such as agriculture, real estate, filmmaking and surveying.

Certification and/or Dual Enrollment Option: Students may qualify to earn the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate.

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