Veterinary Technology

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Veterinary Technology enables students to acquire the technical knowledge and skills needed to succeed in post secondary education as well as in a career in veterinary medicine or a related occupation. Course content integrates application of academics, development of career competencies, and instruction in course-specific knowledge and skills, such as the use of tools, equipment, and facilities related to veterinary medicine. Business management, leadership, and FFA activities are included in the course. Goals:

  • To prepare students for a career and/or post-secondary education in the field of veterinary medicine.
  • To gain a certification (or credential) in the veterinary assistant field
  • To gain an understanding and appreciation of the art and science of working with animals.
  • To have a portfolio of work that proves your mastery of the skills learned in this class

Occupations: Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Assistant, Animal Scientist, Animal Breeder

Typical Salary in Virginia: $24,000- $92,000 depending on education level and specialization

Employment Outlook: Employment of individuals in the veterinary field is expected to grow dramatically by 2024. Statewide projections predict a 20-30% growth in the need for people in these areas. Competition for entry into 4 year Veterinary programs is very strong. More community colleges are developing 2 year Veterinary Technology programs to meet demand.




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